Program 4.4: Multi-host SIR model

This is an example of a multi-host SIR model where there are two hosts (humans and mosquitoes). Transmissions within human or mosquito populations is also possible. It is adapted from a MATLAB code example in Keeling & Rohani.






$X_H$ & $X_M$ are the human and mosquito susceptible populations and $Y_H$ & $Y_M$ are the infected ones. $\nu_H$ & $\nu_M$ are the birth rates of humans and mosquitoes. $r$ is the mosquito biting rate of humans. $T$ is a 2x2 matrix of transmission probabilities between and within human($H$) and mosquito($M$) populations. $\mu_H$ & $\mu_M$ are the per capita death rate of humans and mosquitoes. $\gamma_H$ & $\gamma_M$ are the recovery rates of humans and mosquitoes.