Style guide for notebooks

  1. Make a separate folder for each model.
  2. Background for each model should be placed into a notebook intro.ipynb, which will then be converted into a Markdown document,
  3. Implementations for each model should go into a separate file:
    • r.ipynb: R
    • julia.ipynb: Julia
    • python.ipynb: Python
  4. If there are separate implementations for each language, use a suffix separated by a hyphen e.g. r-simecol.ipynb.
  5. Each implementation should follow the following structure:
    • Title of implementation
    • Name of author followed by GitHub username
    • Date in IS)8601
    • Simulation
    • Visualisation
  6. Ensure there are no empty cells at the end of the notebook.
  7. Other style points:
    • Use snake_case for variables.
    • Use ## for headings and ### for subheadings.